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Welcome to the Center                                                                                          MA42326

The Gabriel Center is located at 2886 Ringling Boulevard in Gold Tree Plaza @ Tuttle Avenue.

Since 1980, Jim and Becky Gabriel have helped multiple numbers of patients in Georgia and Sarasota and graduated a thousand massage therapists from ASHA, the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, their Atlanta massage school.

Their mission is to provide innovative, effective health care services, educational materials and classes as well as holistic health and wellness products for the entire community.


SERVICES The center offers health treatments such as the Far Infrared BioMat for inflammation, Ozone steam cabinet (HOCATT) treatments for detox, the Oscillator to move lymph, appointments on the BEMER Mat for improved circulation and Ionic Foot Baths Monday through Saturday.

JIM GABRIEL LMT, NMT, SET brings over thirty-seven years of clinical and rehabilitative massage experience to the center. His specialties include Neuromuscular and Structural Energetic Therapy. In conjunction with these techniques, he utilizes computer assisted microcurrent to relieve pain, improve athletic performance and facilitate recovery from all manner of musculoskeletal injuries, scoliosis, stenosis, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine headaches and to recondition scar tissue. His website address is:
SUPPLIES The center carries a comprehensive line of holistic and massage therapy supplies, tables and tools, lotions, creams, analgesic ointments, hygienic exam gloves, Young Living essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, Far infrared BioMats and alkaline antioxidant water machines. EDUCATION Monthly healthcare classes, lectures and workshops are presented for the community.

                         JANUARY 2017 CALENDAR OF SPECIAL EVENTS
                                                                  THE NEW YEAR BEGINS


TUESDAY, JANUARY 10th, 6:30PM-8:00PM  $10

Ladies night: $10/includes a Goodie bag

Charity Carretero & Grace Vitale will be your hosts 

Pamper yourself with relaxing chair massage and learn how to take care of your tootsies with essential oils! Experience our state of the art modalities: BioMat reduces inflammation ~ BEMERMat: promotes circulation ~ Oscillator moves lymph. Specialists will cover Nutritional Coaching, Trauma Resolution Therapies, and Anti-Aging Laser Therapy. FREE Raffle gifts include: Live Blood Analysis, Yoga, Gyrotonics  & Pilates, Massage & Energetic Healing Sessions as well as products: RTPRelief lotion, Sarasota honey, YL essential oil and Creative Coconut Oil Uses" book

THURSDAY, JANUARY12th , 6:15PM-7:15PM  Free to Attend Weight Loss and Acupuncture: How It Is Done
Dr. Josh Zimmer, Ap, DOM Healthy Snacks Served


After the feasting of the holidays, this is a perfect time to begin considering an intelligent approach to weight loss. Maybe you've tried losing weight but nothing seems to work. Maybe it's the diet, or those nagging cravings. Perhaps your metabolism is off, too. Acupuncture may be the answer. Combined with holistic approaches to food and lifestyle, a set of acupuncture treatments can help you lose weight and drop a few sizes. This will give you an opportunity to learn about a new and effective way to improve your well-being.


Thursday, January 19th, 6:15PM-7:15PM   Free to Attend

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy 

Ann Harrison, Clinical Researcher & Author

This will be a presentation as well as a demonstration of one of the world’s most researched methods of enhanced blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery. Many people tell us about challenges with eye and joint issues, challenges with foot  problems, organ function and more, despite the fact that they are eating healthy foods and taking vitamins. We will have guests who have experienced the benefits of consistent use of this amazing technology of the future. This class will be interactive and will not disappoint!

TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th   6:15PM-7:30PM plus Q & A
Neuroplasticity: The Science of Rapid Brain Change
Juliet Mathison, Kinesiologist & Neuroplasticity Specialist

You will learn: That rapid recovery is possible for those who suffer with PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias or unresolved traumas of any kind, addiction, dyslexia, learning difficulties, emotional stress and more. How trauma gets wired into the brain. That the brain can be re-patterned to release neurochemical drivers that feed repetitive negative feedback loops. That relief is available without harmful drugs and in a fraction of time taken by conventional methods. And much more... Important and potentially life changing.


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